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"It has been so liberating putting myself on this site, and so thrilling to receive messages from nice guys nearby - one who I just met. I wish I did this years ago."
- Susan, 43, Austin, TX

"I love the cougar phenomenon and am having a lot of fun being a cub on this site I have to say!"
- Brock, 27, New York, NY

"I am a student and all my best friends only date girls in their early 20s. I don't want to tell them that I actually prefer women 40+, but luckily I can use this site to meet the women that I want in total privacy, it's great."
- Ryan, 24, Boston, MA

"I told some friends that this sexy younger guy found me, started sending me messages, and that we began dating regularly. He was quickly named ToyBoy by the group. The first few months I have to confess were mostly horizontal, with one friend jokingly asking 'so what do you talk about', but the great thing was that soon we couldn't stop talking and actually we discovered many things in common from our backgrounds. I feel we have established a great connection and have genuine love and respect for each other - plus we're having loads of fun."
- Kathleen, 45, Palo Alto, CA

"A friend told me to type MILF into my computer as he couldn't believe I didn't know what it meant. I sure do now, and have met one on this site, which was one of the hottest encounters I could have imagined."
- Joe, 27, Dallas, TX

"Age difference is sexy and I love dating women who are relaxed, are in their prime, know what they want, and have nothing to prove."
- Marco, 25, Phoenix, AZ

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